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Date: 2018-05-06 14:52:09

Subscribe === === Star Wars Financial Disaster Coverage : **Please note some quotes are paraphrased, summarized and my take on what was said. Links to supporting documents below

Rian Johnson Bubble Quote (We don’t care what fans think)

Star Wars needs less white guys

Get Rid Of The Old Franchise, Ignoring Fans On Purpose

JJ Abrams Strong Women Remark

In this thrilling video Becker shows the only way to make Star Wars about the fans again. It’s simple, if you do not like what Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy have done then boycott solo.

Kathleen Kennedy, Rian Johnson and crew have gone on the record saying they do not care what fans think. So if your a fan, stop paying for a product thats not made for you

Star Wars goal is to make money, if Disney sees the only way to make money is by taking care of its fans then it will fire the people who actively hate star wars fans and replace them with directors/producers that make fans happy. The result will be more fans spend money.

The only language Disney gets is money. Boycott solo and they will have to take action. If it opens #2 on its weekend

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 Posted on : May 8, 2018
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